About Our VWOO Website

VWOO is a comprehensive website platform that displays high-quality SME factory information from all walks of life in China. The aim is to provide a good trading partner for overseas buyers across international boundaries.

Whether you want to customize products in large quantities or buy products in small quantities, our website can help you achieve the information of Chinese manufacturers you are looking for. Also, if you find that our website does not have the manufacturer information you are looking for, please contact us and we will find you the right quality supplier for free.

Here, we have included factory information from a wide range of Chinese manufacturers with high service quality. They are required to display their company’s basic information, production capacity information, professional certifications, and market information in China, etc. on our website. The certificate of professional recognition, company information, production capability information allow overseas buyers to identify the professional and productive capabilities of a factory (or whether a company is trustworthy).

  • Website Scope:  Internet Foreign Trade Resources.
  • Website Objective:  Overseas, Foreign Buyers.
  • Core Value of Website:  High Quality Enterprise, High Quality Production, High Quality Service.
  • Website Purpose:  Collect Qualified Manufacturers and Build Quality Platform.
  • Website Live on:  December 19, 2019.
  • Website Founder:  Lonken.
  • Website Development Phase:

Phase I

The VWOO website is currently in the first stage of development, that is, it provides  foreign trade services to small and medium-sized enterprises with good service quality in China who do not understand foreign trade e-commerce, and provides them with a good channel for export business. The ultimate beneficiary of this is not only exporters, but also a reliable guarantee for the vast number of overseas buyers who prefer the resources of Chinese manufacturers but cannot get started.

Development Strategy for Phase I

The strategy for VWOO’s pre-phase development is that there are no many companies in the same industry and product on the website. Because once there is a lot of corporate information, it is difficult for us to strictly screen the quality standards of corporate factories, resulting in a mix of good and bad manufacturers, which is not in line with the purpose of the VWOO website.

We will select factories that meet the high standards of our VWOO website. Of course, these factories that can join the website do not necessarily mean that they are all large enterprises.

We have large and small companies in our sites. We would think that large enterprises have higher MOQ requirements, while small and developing enterprises are not large in scale, but they have flexible MOQs, flexible product design, manufacturing and operation. It is feared that the growth time and size of the company will be the reason for the small and medium-sized developing companies to lose to large enterprises. However, “pearls are also hidden in the shell”, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the small enterprises on the VWOO website. We will take the task of “screening mussels” and select “mussels capable of producing pearls” This is the potential stock company, and this is also the focus of our initial development of our website. However, once the settlement period has passed, it is believed that the next stage will be a time for rapid progress.

Therefore, buyers can choose large and small factories on our website according to their orders. They have their own advantages. The information of high-quality factories with different scales on the website can better meet the diverse customization requirements of buyers.

Next Phase of VWOO

After the first phase is completed, our plan for further development is:Expanding the area of corporate enrollment and ensuring it is no longer limited to Guangdong, China. At that time, companies on the VWOO website can be located anywhere in China, anywhere in the world. As long as they meet the requirements of our “quality suppliers”, they can be found on the VWOO website platform, this is also VWOO’s vision for development.

About Our Company


  1. Company Name: ZLAY LTD
  2. The Company’s Top Leader: Lonken.
  3. Company Address : 8825 53 AVE ELMHURST, NEW YORK, 11373
  4. Our Company Develops The Idea of VWOO: Building a Platform for Quality Producers.
  5. On The VWOO Website, We Filter The Standards For B2B Businesses:
  • The company has a factory or a company that is itself a factory
  • Enterprises with excellent product quality and service quality
  • Currently, the area of business admission is temporarily designated as the area around Shenzhen, China or Guangdong Province, China, because it is one of the concentration places of Chinese manufacturers and is very conducive to the development of the resources of manufacturers of our VWOO website.

Our Business Model of VWOO :

The role of our VWOO website is to build a bridge between China and overseas trade services, and it is a third-party trader.

If any buyer finds that the quality service of the company (factory) on this website is very poor, you can lodge a complaint with us. We will fully guarantee the rights of overseas buyers in the role of a third party intermediary, and impose penalties on the products and services of companies that have entered the platform of our website for violation, and we will apply less to the requirements They correct their bad behavior and, in the heavy case, withdraw them.

At this point, we need all overseas buyers to cooperate with us and monitor the situation together. If we find problems and give timely feedback, we need to work together to create a harmonious and well-established resource platform for foreign trade manufacturers.