Portable Digital Microscope

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1: Portable digital microscope with wifi, MAX1000X magnificatio, 12 million pixels.
2: Built-in wifi function, easy to operate, support ISO/Android
3: Led lighting system, built-in 8 LED fill lights, brightness can be adjusted, the light is uniform, soft and not glaring.
4: U type metal stents, matal material multi angle dujustment convenint to observe from all angles.
5: Can be widely used in a variety of professional fields, circuit board inspection, biological observation, jade identification, fur inspection, printed matter inspection, cloth inspection, etc.

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Product magnification: 50X-1000X
Lens structure: 2G+IR
Field of view: 16° (decided according to the lens)
Number of LEDs: 8 SMD3528 bright white lights (brightness adjustable)
Focus mode and focus range: manual adjustment, 0°40mm
Imaging distance: 3mm-to infinity
Sensor size: 1/4″
Signal to noise ratio: 37 db
Sensitivity: 4300mV/ux-sec
Video recording format: AVI
Video resolution: 720X480, 640X360, 480×272
Picture format: JPG
Picture size: 720X480, 640X360, 480×272
Working range: 0-10m (open scenes, covered scenes will affect the working range)
Working hours: ≥90 minutes (full power state, battery life also affects working hours)
Power supply: 800mah built-in lithium battery
Charging requirement: DC-5V1A
Working current: 260mA
Single machine size: 133.5×34×34mm
Product color: black
WiFi working environment: Android4.0 and above system, ios8.0 and above system
Requirements for supporting equipment for WiFi working environment: Support 24Gz (82011bg1) wireless data transmission equipment
UsB working environment: indos xp, win7, winB.1, wn10 (32, 64 bit) Mac osx10.5 or higher. (Support USBUVC protocol device).

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