Self Defense Baseball Bat Flashlight

$29.50 USD

Material: aluminum slloy.
Adjustable focus: zoomable.
Power source: 1 x 18650 Li-ion battery or 3 x AAA batteries.
Colour: black.
Function: self-defense, lighting, safety hammer.
Perfect for home security, private car owner, night train driver, security patrol, etc.
L2 LED will give you stable and bright light, non-thermal radiation, safe and reliable.
Variable focus allows you to adjust it to meet your demand.
Three lighting modes ( low brightness, high brightness, SOS ) are suitable for different occasions.
Trench structure design, skid-proof effect is excellent.
High quality aluminum reflector cup makes effective range clearer.
Waterproof function allows you to use it even if in rainy days.
It can protect you as a spike club.
Package Includes:
1x self defense baseball bat flashlight
1x DC USB charger

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