Cree Xml2 Led Dive Light

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Using 7 XM-L2 LED lights, white light, light penetration in water is extremely strong.
The maximum lumen can reach 2500 lumens, and the LED service life is up to 100,000 hours, without worrying about the trouble of replacing the LED lamp.
Concise, stylish and dense diamond heat sink appearance design.
The aviation magnesium alloy barrel is hard anodized and green.
The integrated design of the non-slip cylinder body and the middle tube reduces the trouble of increasing and decreasing the lengthening of the tube and saves time.
The aluminum alloy vacuum plated smooth lamp cup has high reflection effect and small light loss, which significantly improves the light gathering effect. The light spot is perfect. The plating layer on the surface of the reflector cup is resistant to high temperature, not easy to fall off, and durable.
Use hand-push magnetic control dimming mode: strong light-weak light-flash.
The sealing effect is very stable and the waterproof performance is outstanding. It can dive deep to 20-40 meters.
The magnetic control push switch is specially treated in blue, which can better reflect the visual and texture of the product.
7 L2 LED lights, power up to 40W.
LED color temperature 6000K-7000K.
Charging time is 3-5 hours.
Equipped with 3 18650 lithium batteries or 3 26650 lithium batteries.
Size: head diameter 60MM, tail diameter 30MM, length 285MM.
Weight: 571g (without battery).
Accessories configuration: 1 flashlight, 1 hand rope, 2 waterproof rings, 3 battery sleeves, white packaging box.

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