Handheld Smart Inkjet Printer

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Intelligent hand-held automatic printing printer, 25.4mm large font printing, intelligent touch screen, finger and sensor pen operation, easy to use. Sprayable curved surface, can be connected to photoelectric, variable QR code. You can edit the content directly without connecting to a computer. 4.3 inch high-definition touch screen, Chinese, English, German, Arabic freely switchable. Handheld and online use, automatic photoelectric induction line coding, hand-held button trigger printing, one ergonomic handle at a time, the surface has anti-skid dent treatment. The printing head of the large-sized inkjet printer can adjust the printing height. The printing synchronous wheel keeps the printing machine and the object at a distance of 2-5mm to prevent the nozzle from clogging. Removable independent battery makes charging more convenient. It can be applied to substrates such as slate, metal, carton, electronic equipment, plate, auto parts and so on. Can print numbers, symbols, patterns, QR codes, barcodes, variable data and other content. The ink cartridge comes standard with black, but also has red, green, blue, yellow, white, and anti-counterfeit stealth colors. If you need to choose other colors, you can contact us for replacement. Equipped with 220V national standard charger, different voltages can be charged through the converter.

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System languages: Chinese, English, German, Arabic
Machine material: aviation aluminum
Printing fonts: dot matrix characters, numbers, Chinese characters, English, etc.
Screen size: 4.3 inch touch screen
Storage information: built-in storage
Printing height: minimum printing 2mm/ maximum printing 25.4mm (adjustable)
Printing accuracy: 600DPI (HD)
Printing environment: 0-45 degrees Celsius, humidity 30-70%Rh
Printing speed: 60m/min
Printing distance: 2-5mm (spacing between nozzle and spray)
Air source pressure: 1 (MPa)
Print direction: bidirectional printing
Counting serial number: 1-9 variable serial number
External interface: USB, photoelectric interface, charging interface
Printing content: Chinese, English, numbers, symbols, pictures, QR codes, barcodes, variable data, etc.
Ink cartridge color: black, red, green, blue, yellow, white, invisible color, UV (standard black)
Printing material: carton, wood, stone, metal, plastic, pipe, cable, electronics, auto parts, industrial chemical packaging, auto parts, etc.
Warranty: One year, lifetime maintenance.

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