Handheld Inkjet Printer For Business Use

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The portable handheld printer uses a new generation of high-performance integrated chips, 16G large memory, high-speed graphics processing, high-definition decoding, high-speed flash memory. Capacitive touch screen, responsive and easy to operate. Chinese and English dual language system, free to switch, print various graphics, fonts, numbers, symbols, etc. on various substrates, can be used for plates, cartons, metals, pipes, cables, electronic equipment, auto parts, etc., with a wide range of applications. Press the print button to start the code printing operation. Support U disk to import pictures, can connect external photocurrent waterline. The ink cartridge comes standard with black, but also has red, green, blue, yellow, white, and invisible colors. If you need to choose other colors, you can contact us for replacement. Equipped with 220V national standard charger, different voltages can be charged through the converter.

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System language: Chinese and English
Printing fonts: bold, solid, etc.
Screen size: 4.3 inch touch screen
Storage information: built-in storage
Printing height: 2-12.7mm (adjustable)
Printing lines: 1.4 lines (adjustable)
Printing accuracy: 600dpi (HD)
Printing distance: 2-5mm (nozzle distance from printing surface)
Printing environment: -5~40°, 10%-80%
Printing speed: up to 50m/min
Air source pressure: 1 (MPa)
Segmentation function: wireless segment
Print direction: bidirectional printing
Counting serial number: 10 digits
External interface: USB, photoelectric interface, charging interface
Printing content: text, letters, numbers, date, batch number, serial number, graphics, QR code, barcode, etc.
Cartridge type: original cartridge
Ink cartridge color: black, red, green, blue, yellow, white, invisible color (standard black)
Printing materials: carton, wood, stone, metal, plastic, pipe, aluminum foil, etc.
Warranty: One year, lifetime maintenance.ARM high-performance chip. Multi-scenario application. Packing List:

Inkjet printer, charger, battery, positioning mold, ink cartridge, accessory bag and U disk.

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